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Worlds Most Expensive Doughnut | Small Business Marketing | Marketing To The Affluent

Worlds Most Expensive Doughnut | Small Business Marketing | Marketing To The Affluent

August 25, 2014 @ 5:40 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Even the Ultra-Affluent like an Ultra-Affluent Doughnut.

World's most expensive doughnutDoughnuts have always been one of life’s more modest, albeit unhealthy, pleasures. From the 99%’ers to the 1%’ers, there’s really no one that can’t afford — or can’t enjoy snarfing down — the once a year doughnut.

Earlier this summer, the folks at Krispy Kreme UK unveiled the world’s most expensive doughnut, which they estimate to be worth around $1,700. The confection was created in honor of UK’s National Doughnut Week — a fundraising effort benefitting the UK Children’s Trust charity — and debuted at a Selfridges department store in London.

This was way more than your run of the mill Boston Creme. It was made with Dom Perignon, Chateau d’Yquem creme and topped with 24 carat gold leaf.  If that was not enough it had a hand made white chocolate lotus flower, blossoms and ivy.

What’s this got to do with marketing your business?


You see, this proves my point, made time and again.  There is a buyer for everything. At any price. Do you have a “Gold Encrusted” service or product in your business?  You should. TWEET THIS

Even if you never sell your “Golden Donut” it can become the basis for comparing the rest of your products or services.  Your clients will say “Well, I can’t really afford the Gold Donut, but I can take the one made of bronze.”

I have a photographer friend who sells family portraits.  The biggest portrait he has is called “The Whopper” (not to his clients of course, that is just his name for it). The Whopper would be perfect for the formal ballroom in your 10,000 sq/ft villa in Miami. But you see, it puts the rest of his product offering in perspective. And if someone does buy the Whopper, it is time to raise his prices…Across the board.

I challenge you to go find the Golden Doughnut or Whopper in your business.

Vance Morris 


Marketing & Entrepreneur Growth Alliance



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