What Clients Are Saying

“From the moment we booked Vance to speak at our event to the moment he left the stage, he over delivered to the host (me and our BGI Systems team) and attendees ensuring we had a successful event.  For example, he wrote an article each month for 6 months leading up to his conference talk and also did a special teleconference for our members and attendees.

His keynote speech “Systematic Magic, How to Disnify Any Business” not only garnered him a standing ovation, but gave our attendees actionable ideas to implement in their insurance agencies to improve their customer service and finding ideal clients. If you want to get real results in the area of creating a superior client and customer service experience, then Vance is a must have addition to your next event or seminar.”

Bill Gough, BGI Systems.  Florence, Alabama

Charley MAnn

“Vance was a big hit with our attendees! After our breakout sessions, many people  shared with me how much they got out of Vance’s presentation on bringing Disney-level service to their practices. It’s a message that more business owners need to hear, and Vance is already on our shortlist of exciting and reliable presenters. And if you want the data, Vance scored as one of our highest-rated breakout speakers in our post-event survey!”

Charley Mann

Chief Marketing Officer
Great Legal Marketing


“In a world awash in poor or nonexistent customer service, it is rare to find someone who so thoroughly understands the importance of a superior customer service experience and how to engage your employees in creating a system that works like magic. Vance Morris is our go-to resource for improving the service of our own private practices and the practices of our coaching clients throughout the world. If you want some “rah-rah” inspiration and motivation on customer service, you can pick up any one of the thousand worthless books on Amazon, but if you want to see real, tangible results in your own business with customers, patients, clients or donors who stay, pay and refer to you like “magic” then call Vance Morris and get on his waiting list. No one knows this area more than Vance.”

– Dr. Dustin Burleson

Founder, Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry 

President and Senior Consultant, Dustin Burleson Seminars

"Vance is a gifted speaker. He delivers prepared seminars and “off the cuff” presentations with ease. His use of humor makes for very entertaining speeches. His ability to tell stories allows him to connect with his audience in a very authentic ways in order to get important points across.”

Scott Ackerson

CEO, Quidient


"Vance Morris has been incredibly helpful in mentoring us and teaching us how to write ads that work!  I recently was fortunate enough to attend a conference in which he gave an inspirational and energizing speech, and I was thrilled to learn that he owned a successful Chem-Dry business!  His message was "never let them tell you you can't".  He has been able to persevere against the "you cant's" that constantly come up in life and used these opportunities to fuel the success for his business and help others succeed as well.  I just recently met Vance, and have only begun to use some of his ads, but I am very grateful to have met him, to learn from him, and to start using ads that get a great return!"

Anna Traenkle  Century Chem-Dry  Colorado Springs, CO

"Vance has been helping me grow my franchise since my first day in business.  The more I implement his strategies the quicker I grow my new customer base, add repeat customers and raise my average order size.  My business would not be as successful as it is today without Vance's support and knowledge.  What it boils down to is other marketing strategies I have tried have cost me more and had a lower return on investment than Vance's techniques.  One large example, I decided to sign a 9 month contract with one of the HRI preferred vendors for search engine optimization and pay per click help.  Vance tried to talk me out of it, but it was to late.  9 months and about $4500 later I cancelled that service without realizing any measurable benefit.  Vance has helped me use fewer marketing dollars to realize a much larger ROI and get more repeat business and gain new satisfied customers.
I recommend that Chem-Dry franchises work with Vance and implement his strategies."

Ward Culver   Owner Sussex Chem-Dry   Sussex County Delaware.

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