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[VIDEO TRAINING] Is Email Marketing Dying? | Small Business Marketing

[VIDEO TRAINING] Is Email Marketing Dying? | Small Business Marketing

January 23, 2015 @ 7:23 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Fastest Way to Become an Email Marketing EXPERT

Email marketing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to spread your business reach locally (and beyond thanks to the Internet!)  Every business – service / professional / brick-and-mortar / what-have-you  – ABSOLUTELY needs to include the power of email marketing as part of its marketing arsenal. It remains the most cost-effective way of reaching prospects and turning them into clients.

And when it comes to staying in regular contact with existing clients… creating a long term, powerful bond to you and you alone… you won’t find a better way.

However, dark clouds have appeared on the horizon – open rates have declined and many businesses are seeing poorer results from their email campaigns.

That’s why I’m so excited to hear that Master Marketer Dan Kennedy has joined with my friend Dave Dee of GKIC to deliver FOUR SOLID HOURS of in-depth training on the vital topic of using email in your business.

It all takes place on Friday, January 30th at 11AM Eastern Time.   [When you register and attend this absolutely free LIVE Webcast session], you’ll discover:

  • Why EMAIL MARKETING Still Matters – the Importance of Capturing Emails Whenever, Wherever You Can AND Sneaky Tricks to Make It Practically Automatic.
  • Secrets to Writing IRRESISTIBLE Subject Lines that Grab Attention and Make Your Emails Jump Out from the Clutter – Including ONE Controversial Strategy that Practically FORCES Your Prospect to Open Your Emails without Fail.
  • How to Overcome “Same-Old, Same-Old” when Writing Emails – the Core Elements ALL Effective Emails Need to Include to Ensure They Get Read and Deliver the Results You Want.
  • And MUCH More Besides INCLUDING Tons of PROVEN Examples from Successful Campaigns… Along with Step-by-Step Explanations of How To Put Them To Use For You!

Again, the entire FOUR HOURS of training is 100% FREE; there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything. [“Click Here To Sign Up Now!”]

IMPORTANT:  They tell me that Bandwidth for this LIVE training event is LIMITED… with strict technical restrictions on the number of actual online attendees… so it’s critical that you save your seat by registering now. Looking forward to seeing you there with me on January 30th!


P.S., When you sign up, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to a quick hitting Micro-Training video that Dave produced that lays out the keys to a creating a powerful OPT-IN page…

The OPT-IN page is a foundational tool you can use to collect email addresses – but if you don’t follow some core principles, it won’t deliver anywhere near the results you need.

This short video destroys the “conventional wisdom” about Opt-In Rates, Long-Form vs. Short-Form, and reveals the KEY metric you need to focus on – you’ll discover the INSIDER result-getting-strategies we’ve crafted only after agonizing trial-and-error.

Don’t miss out on this crazy good video – get it AND save your seat for the FOUR HOURS of training happening January 30th by clicking the link below and signing up NOW! [“Click Here To Sign Up Now!”]

Remember, You Won’t Profit Unless You Implement

Vance Morris

Deliver Service Now


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