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Vance tailors customer service keynote presentations, workshops and training sessions to meet the needs of the client. Here are three of his most popular programs:

Systematic Magic: 7 Magic Keys to Disnify Any Business. From start to finish he keeps people engaged through humorous stories about his time working at Walt Disney Vance Morris Customer Service SpeakerWorld. They get pumped up with the knowledge and tactics to deliver a magical experience for their clients and customers. He shares his passion for customer service in an authentic and non-cliched presentation.

Attendees will discover; how to create a "WOW" effect, the importance of details (everything speaks), how to create service standards, the importance of their physical and psychological environment, the importance of engaged employees and how to bring it all together.

Disney Speaker Vance Morris7 Keys to Profitable Service Recovery: Even the best companies can’t prevent an occasional burnt steak, late flight or missed delivery. Errors are inevitable when dealing with humans. But dissatisfied customers are not. While you may not be able to prevent all problems, you can learn to recover from them. Service recovery doesn’t just happen. It is a systematic business practice that must be designed properly and implemented in a practice.

Attendees will discover how to: Measure the cost of EFFECTIVE service recovery, Listen closely for patient complaints, Anticipate the needs for Recovery, Act Fast, Train Employees, Empower the trained employees and close the customer feedback loop. 

Vance Morris Disney Speaker


Fundamentals of Managing the Customer Experience: This presentation is designed to give the attendees the basis for building a culture of customer service. Smiling employees who say please and thank you are just the beginning of creating a world class service organization. During this presentation, attendees will discover the financial impact of customer service as well as 10 customer service rules so that they can be prepared to take care of just about any situation.


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