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Target Market | Marketing for In Home Service Companies

Marketing for In Home Service Businesses

Target Market | Marketing for In Home Service Companies

February 9, 2015 @ 7:32 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Marketing for In Home Service BusinessesKnowing Your Target Market

Love him or hate him, Carl Brutananadilewski, Hardee’s spokes-ahem-model is exactly what they need to resonate with their target market; young hungry men.

This ad does exactly what ads are supposed to do, attract your target market and repel all others. Who cares if some prissy little PTA gets their panties in a wad over this?

And they do not take themselves too seriously, which depending on your market and business is a wise marketing strategy to employ.

This ad is worthy of study and emulation. Click Here to view the full ad.

(NRN Oct, 2014)

On page 21 of my book “7 Rules For Prosperity in Any Economy” I reveal how to enunciate your target market and how to make sure they are qualified and interested in what you have to buy.

Vance Morris

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