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Small Business Marketing | 6 types of wine drinkers

Small Business Marketing | 6 types of wine drinkers

August 22, 2014 @ 7:23 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

What do the six types of wine drinkers (recently reported on by Nations Restaurant News) have to do with you marketing to your prospects and clients?

Well if restaurants can base and refine their marketing, simplify options or give eager consumers more of a wines back story so can you with your clients and prospects.

Constellation brands, a global wine and spirits producer, determined there are six types of wine drinkers. I contend that this closely mirrors the buying patterns of most consumers for any product, not just wine.   Yeah… Constellation could have saved a boat load of money (or sent it to me) and I would have given them the the same information.

Where do you clients and prospects fall?

How can this help determine your target market and perhaps more importantly spend your marketing dollars?

1. The price driven consumer (21% of wine drinkers): Aka the Cheepo, budget driven, penny pincher. These are the folks buying wine in a 5 gallon bag for $7.99. That may be good for a wine maker producing billions of gallons of wine, but for your prospects and client?????  I would pass on this client and spend my marketing dollars attracting another type.

2. Everyday locals (20% of wine drinkers):They like what they like and stick with it.  They are brand loyalists. They are not interested in trying something new.  This is a GREAT client to have.

3. Overwhelmed (19%): These drinkers DO NOT enjoy buying wine.  They enjoy drinking it, just not the process of buying it.   These folks can be scared away from buying and intimidated by the process.  This is where Direct Response / Educational based marketing comes to the rescue. (You can see a quick video at my site www.DeliverProfitsNow.com)

By educating your prospects, you begin to break down the barriers to buying and building trust at the same time. TWEET THIS

4. Image seekers (18%): “I want to live a life that impresses others” is a statement that this group of wine drinkers agrees with.   How does YOUR product or service enhance the image of your prospects or clients?

5. Engaged new comers (12%): These consumers want to hear the entire story about a particular wine. Where the grapes are from, the exact temperature of the area, the weight of the person squishing the grapes between their toes, etc…

6. Enthusiasts: AKA “The Raving Fan”. They love talking about wine, reading about it, drinking it, sharing it, shopping for it and joining clubs.  Does your marketing and service deliver so well, that you have created Raving Fans?

Vance Morris 


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