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Simple or Targeted & Niched?

Simple or Targeted & Niched?

January 26, 2016 @ 7:14 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Recently I read an article from a customer service expert that said “some companies had mastered the art of simplicity” he continued “they created customer experiences that are easier, frictionless and more desirable”.  I would argue that while they may seem “simple” that these businesses are actually laser targeted and niched in their industry.

Siegle & Gale recently released their Global Brand Simplicity Index, and again named ALDI, the discount grocery chain the “simplest”. They won due to a number of factors, but most notably for their “uncomplicated offers”.

The author then goes on to describe other simple experiences of burger joints, chicken joints etc… Lauding them all for their simplicity. This is where I will change out the word “simple” and replace it with Targeted and Niched, proving that there are “riches in niches”.

You may know about 5 Guys Burgers.  This is a restaurant where you can only get… you guessed it, BURGERS. No Chicken, No nuggets, just great fresh burgers and fresh cut fries. Though recently they have added grilled cheese and BLT’s.  But these are ingredients they already had in house to make their burgers.  At last check, there were NO available franchises left to purchase in the US and in 2011 and 2012 was named the fastest growing quick serve restaurant in the US (NRN, 2012)

Chick-fil-A is another prime candidate for a targeted and niched business. You can only get chicken. Chicken for lunch. Chicken for Breakfast and Chicken for Dinner. No beef or fish in this joint.

One of the best examples of a targeted and niched product is the Dollar Shave Club. They target just men with just shaving products. No deodorant, no shampoo and at the moment, no women’s products (though they are testing women’s products in certain markets). Their marketing is directly targeted at men through a series of hilarious videos (you can see them on YouTube). Their newsletter is done to resemble toilet paper. Which leads to a new category for them, butt wipes.

The butt wipes will be sold under the name One Wipe Charlies–which the company markets as “the life-changing way to handle your business.” A video promoting the wipes has been viewed 3 million times, though razors remain the company’s biggest seller by far.

To contrast this, McDonalds has fallen down to 14th place on the Simplicity Index and has seen its’ same store sales flat or down for the last few quarters. Maybe adding all day breakfast and cheese sticks was not such a great idea.

Simplicity, targeted marketing and serving a niche can be very profitable. And with that profitability you can increase the level of service and provide a unique guest or customer experience. What can you be doing, or more to the point, not doing in your business to better target a specific market or niche? Are you a dentist accepting everyone or a pediatric dentist only accepting fees and no insurance? Are you a divorce attorney or only a divorce attorney that accepts men with a net worth of $1 million or more as clients?

Take a look at your business now. What can be made simpler and highly targeted thereby increasing your client experience and profitability?

For more on Disney Style Service and small business marketing, check out my free special report “Systematic MAGIC, How to Disnify Any Business”. Vance Morris is a Walt Disney World Resort Management Alumni, having spent 10 years as an executive in the Resorts. He runs the only Disney Service & Direct Response Marketing business on the planet. Here he coaches companies to create Disney Style Service Systems and then monetize them through direct response marketing. He is also the GKIC 2015 Marketer of the Year. He can be reached at www.DeliverServiceNow.comor vance@deliverprofitsnow.com .

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