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Shock & Awe Poop Bag Style | Service & Marketing

Shock & Awe Poop Bag Style | Service & Marketing

May 25, 2016 @ 2:33 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

I’m so lucky to have a barter arrangement with a neighborhood friend who runs a dog-sitting business. She puppy-sits my Jessie and I look after the Paris Hilton of the Samoyeds, Princess Sassy of SassyLand.

However, this time I was looking after two dogs. Sassy was unwillingly sharing a house with Domi the American Bulldog. Where Sassy is a white puff of candy floss with Chanel bags, Domi is all Stallone defined muscle, drool and bandy legs. I was a even little afraid of him.

Nevertheless, I started my week-long dog-sitting by assembling supplies, particularly poop bags and dog cookies – these are spoiled puppies; I conned mine into thinking ice cubes and celery were treats and she has to settle for any bag I can find. These dogs were getting the best.

I found a small box poop bags from Earth-Rated, which I’d bought last year at an event in the park from a rainbow-coiffed woman in a dog bone hat. She pushed their eco-friendliness since they disintegrated into fertilizing goodness when thrown out.

I took these with me on my first visit to the Canine Odd Couple.

On the first drag around the block with Domi I was not looking forward to that first dump. And he didn’t let me down.

First, he preferred to poop against a pole of some sort: fence post, mail box, tree, etc. Bum in the air, against the vertical, painting as he went! And copiously.

Major joy!

Girding my teeth and gritting my loins, I grasped one of the poop bags, only to look around and see the lady who’s fence it was looking up from a flower bed. I was above her, which put her nose at the perfect inhalation level. I watched her expression sour as the funk reached her.

Panicked, my hands were bathed in cold sweat. The poop bag shredded between my fingers. I pulled at another one, it ripped, but was sufficiently intact to perform as a sheet. Gathering several together, I cleaned up and raced back home.

After walking the Princess, I returned home and tried every bag. My hands were now dry, but each bag split and then softened like a damp tissue. I looked at the package, found Earth-Rated’s phone number and called them.

“Your bags are composting right in front of me!” I shouted with indignation.

They were easy to work with on the phone. Together we found the expiration date for the poop bags. They were two years past their right-to-exist point. Obviously the bone-hatted woman in the park was shifting old stock! May she use them as hats!

I apologized for my earlier indignation and the canny woman on the phone educated me on the range of her products and their quality. I ended the call feeling better and tossed the remaining bags in the trash.

Two days later a FEDEX package from the poop bag company arrived. Crammed with goodies: the book they wrote on composting, a bandanna, more poop bags and holder, coupons, notepad, etc. And a handwritten thank you card for getting in touch.

I was so impressed, I got the poop bag company’s version of a “shock & awe” box. If you are not using a shock and awe box in your business either for customer acquisition or customer retention, you need to get on it right away. They are a great way to separate yourself from the competition. According to Dan Kennedy “A shock and awe box is so named because it is a pleasant shock for the customer to get such a comprehensive collection of nicely presented information” when at best, your competitors will be sending merely a brochure.

A customer acquisition shock and awe box would contain an information kit, which according to Kennedy could include:

  1. A copy of your recent book (you do have a book? Right?)
  2. An Audio CD of highlights from my best talk show radio interview
  3. A couple copies of my newsletter
  4. Client testimonials and list of famous clients
  5. Anything else that would build your credibility
  6. Coupons or savings certificates.

With the use of a shock and awe box you are no longer positioned as a salesperson but as a trusted advisor.  Use of a shock and awe box also elicits a certain WOW factor.  I told my friends and I am certain they told theirs. Great customer service that also produced superb word-of-mouth advertising!

For more on Disney Style Service and small business marketing, check out my free special report “Systematic MAGIC, How to Disnify Any Business”. Vance Morris is a Walt Disney World Resort Management Alumni, having spent 10 years as an executive in the Resorts. He runs the only Disney Service & Direct Response Marketing business on the planet. Here he coaches companies to create Disney Style Service Systems and then monetize them through direct response marketing. He is also the GKIC 2015 Marketer of the Year. He can be reached at www.DeliverServiceNow.comor vance@deliverprofitsnow.com .

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