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Sex After Surgery

Sex After Surgery

August 12, 2013 @ 4:47 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Sex after surgery…

 A recent article in the Kentucky Post reported that a woman, one Anne Maynard, has sued St Luke’s hospital, saying that after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex.

 A hospital spokesman replied … “Mr. Maynard was admitted in Ophthalmology – all we did was correct his eyesight.”

Ok… So that was NOT one of the funniest jokes to ever be told.  But there is a point or two I would like to make.

Is your “eyesight” blurry and out of focus?  What are you seeing or not seeing in your business?  And are you blaming others for your poor vision.

BillyBob The Ignoramus 

I had a call yesterday with a fellow business owner who seems to only call when his business is slow and he can’t explain it.  BillyBob (real name not used to protect the ignoramus) says, “I think it is the weather that is affecting my sales, but it might be the month”.

Now, having had this SAME conversation with BillyBob a hundred times over the past few years I knew that he had not implemented any of the strategies I had given him for FREE!  Maybe if I charged him, he might have implemented.  So knowing full well what the answers would be I asked:

  1. Do you have a structured method for gathering and responding to prospects?
  2. Do you have your Service Vision and Standards Developed?
  3. Are you creating a titanium cage around your current clients so that they don’t leave and you keep the competition out?

After 4 years of off and on again (mostly off) conversations, he had yet to implement a single strategy and wanted to know WHY things sucked as bad as they did.  He continued to complain about slow sales, poor employees, price shoppers and cheapskates.  I had to get off the phone with him.

It is later than you think

Have you been given a proven money making strategy and then done nothing with it?  Why?  What are you waiting for?  Go find that strategy right now.  Stop reading and go get.  Yes, You!  Right Now!

Ok… welcome back.  Now that you have that strategy in your hands, IMPLEMENT IT! Don’t wait another second.  Do it NOW!

So now I guess you are going to tell me that you do not have a strategy…  Well you are in luck.  Cuz’ I have a little quiz for you, and a prize at the end when you are done.  Don’t worry, it is not graded…  Only you will know the score.  Click on the box below to begin the quiz…

Deliver Service Now!


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