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Hi, my name is Vance Morris.  My wife, Gina, and I are the owners of  a carpet and oriental rug cleaning business on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are small business owners just like you!


What does a carpet cleaner (me) know about service and marketing?


Well, I just happen to be a service alumni from Walt Disney World.  I spent 10 years working for the mouse as a Guest Service Manager and Trainer.  I was on the opening team of the Yacht & Beach Club Resort, worked as a Manager and Service Trainer at Pleasure Island and designed the Restaurant Service Plan at The Contemporary Resort.


I have also studied, learned and implemented marketing strategies from the world’s best marketing strategists including: Dan Kennedy, Dean Jackson, Dave Dee, Lee Milteer and a slew of other geniuses.  In January I was the featured copy-writer in Dan Kennedy’s international “Copy Confidential” newsletter.


I was also a speaker last year at another international marketing event where I shared the stage with Lou Ferrigno (the Original Incredible Hulk), Joe Sugarman (Blu-Blocker Sunglasses) and a slew of other top marketers.


Did you know that in the few seconds it took you to begin reading this, two U.S. businesses died needlessly and two more are about to die from the effects of bad service and marketing?

Did you get the key word in that question?  No?  OK I will tell you… It is “needlessly”.  That’s right, those businesses could still be helping our sad economy, but they lacked any semblance of customer or client service and they stunk at marketing. Maybe they deserved to go out of business.  Smarmy employees, no client service systems, no real marketing systems, no focus, no drive, lack of tenacity…  The list goes on…


Are you on the road to being one of the 100’s of businesses that failed today?  Or are you on the road paved with profits?  (hey that’s good, kind of a cheesy analogy, but still good)  What road are you on?  To find out, answer the following questions:

Two vital questions that you need

to answer honestly.

 Question #1: Are You As Profitable As You Want To Be?

Or is your marketing attracting the WRONG client, those coupon-clipping-discount-seeking cheapo’s that make it near impossible to be profitable? 

You can have the highest level of customer service in your industry, but if no one knows about your customer service experience, your business will flounder and eventually dies a spectacular death.  Your customer service experience needs to be an integral part of your business marketing plan.

Question #2: Are Your Clients Leaving You?

And an even worse question would be, does your service stink so bad that you don’t even know it is driving away your clients?  If you have a strong business marketing plan, but dealing with your company is an absolute customer service nightmare, then you are doomed to the same spectacular death.



But Vance, I don’t know the answers to these questions…  That’s OK.  I have developed a quick 3 minute assessment that will reveal the Service & Marketing potential your business has.
Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button above to receive your no cost assessment.  This is a real assessment, not a thinly veiled quiz masking a hard sales pitch.
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Take Our Confidential Self Assessment
Only you will know the truth about your service and marketing.
  • The holes in your marketing plan
  • Why clients are leaving you (and they are)
  • Service Recovery Systems
  • How Disney Does It
Want to know if I am the real deal or not?  Watch part of my presentation to an international marketing conference

We all have the same 24 hours a day to live our lives.  What separates the successful business from the merely ho-hum-struggling business? The answer is how the time is spent.  


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