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NO B.S. Maryland

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NO B.S. Maryland

April 28, 2014 @ 7:23 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

NO BS Business Advisor EXCITING NEWS… About a BUSINESS-BUILDING Group, Meeting Right Here in Maryland. The Marketing & Entrepreneur Growth Alliance

Prosper & Succeed In The New Economy

I’ve even set aside an amazing FREE GIFT for you

Response required by 5/15/14

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

For some time now, I’ve been a student of Dan Kennedy who is considered one of the top marketing minds in the world. Frankly, what I’ve learned from him has made a major impact in my life. I’m also excited to share with you that he has hand-picked and trained me to become his local Certified Business Adviser right here in Maryland.

What does this mean to YOU?!

This means that there’s now — a new, exciting networking, idea-sharing and business-building group right here in your home city made up exclusively of “business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals all tuned into helping each other promote themselves and their businesses to the max!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m conducting my FIRST meeting

on 5/28 at 4:30 PM in Annapolis.

You will not want to miss this inaugural meeting because for this meeting ONLY, I will be doing a special presentation:  “How To Laugh at the Down Economy and Take Your Business & Income To The Next Level” Featuring ‘4’ Business B-O-O-S-T-E-R-S & ONE BIG Game Changer Here’s a sample of WHAT will be covered:light_bulb_3_becky

  • How to make selling your products or services easy-as-pie by getting inside the head of your customers to determine exactly what they want!
  •  The simple strategy to DOUBLE your sales by getting an army of people eager to promote you…practically for FREE
  •  How to tap into the HIDDEN GOLDMINE that everyone has in their business that most Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Professionals ignore. (This is easy to fix)
  •  The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TOOL that gives you a HUGE competitive advantage over your competition
  • THE BIGGEE….The  BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH that Bill Glazer (Founder of GKIC Insider’s Circle™) discovered when he was operating his ‘brick-n-mortar’ business that changed everything for him….and when implemented…will be the GAME CHANGER for you too!!!

Just Who The Heck Am I?

In 2007, tiring of corporate life (and layoffs) I started my own business.  It was here the I developed and implemented the service, marketing and profit strategies learned over 25 years in the service industry.  He still owns Chem-Dry On The Shore and The Oriental Rug Spa Of The Eastern Shore with his wife Gina.

In 2011, I started mentoring other Chem-Dry franchises on service and marketing strategies.  After a presentation at an international marketing conference, sharing the stage with Lou Ferrigno, Joe Polish, Joe Sugarman and a slew of other marketing icons, I launched my Service and Marketing Strategy Business.  All of the strategies that I teache are from my over 25 years in the hospitality industry, tested and proven in his current Rug business.

Shameless BribeS

Hungry? Don’t worry.  You will be well fed. Working with the local Capriotti’s to bring in some delish catering trays.

I’ve also enclosed a GIFT CERTIFICATE for your choice of one of Dan Kennedy’s newest books – FREE – which you can validate and redeem when you attend. That’s a $12.95 value. Obviously worth more if you apply the ideas.2014-04-11_1605

Why am I so shamelessly bribing you to join the group?

There are three very good reasons.

1st_beckyFirst, I know it’s lonely out there.  If you’re doing any smart, ‘different’ marketing at all, you’re looked at by everybody around you as weird and strange and in need of professional help. If you have goals and are creatively pursuing them, you’re more likely to be criticized by others as a workaholic or ruthless capitalist pig than to be applauded. Regular business groups or ordinary networking groups certainly aren’t the answer – a bunch of sad-sacks at a non-happy hour complaining or a bad speaker at a breakfast of soggy scrambled eggs from the buffet.

Well, this is your opportunity to COME IN OUT OF THE COLD and experience a Totally Different Kind Of Meeting……a hybrid, combining a mastermind meeting with smart people coaching each other, a networking meeting with ambitious business owners helping each other, a strategy-rich and successful example-laden mini-seminar with great presentations, recognition of your creativity and achievements from people who “get it”….all under my direction, bearing my unique brushstrokes.

Second, I want you to meet some EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE right here in Annapolis.  You’ll find the people participating in our Chapter to 2nd_beckybe real ‘doers’ living exciting lives and making giant strides in their businesses, professions and careers. Generous in their sharing with the others. Some can probably ally with you one way or another, to grow together….share customers or leads, jointly promote, whatever. All that’s going on in a big way through these Chapters.

I’m putting people together who “get” real success strategies – and the results are positively explosive. If you manage to attend the Meeting and FAIL to meet somebody you are eager to get to know better and can profit by knowing, I’m a monkey’s uncle happy to eat a toothpaste and peanut butter sandwich on stage as punishment! 3rd_becky

Third, I want you to experience what I’ve learned as a student of Dan Kennedy too and there’s a lot. I thought the best way was letting you attend the local meeting – FREE. All you need do now is say….

“Well, maybe.”  There’s NO OBLIGATION and NO COST, just to join in the next Chapter Meeting. (And pick the book of your choice as a FREE GIFT, my thanks for attending. Click Here or on The Golden Ticket Golden Tick

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