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Attention In Home Service Business Owners:

Housekeepers, Dog Walkers, Plumbers, Electricians, Water Treatment, Elder Care and Carpet Cleaners

Discover how to create a tool to increase PROFITS 17-34%  your business in less than 90 minutes

Carpet Cleaner, Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur, Vance Morris, reveals the exact strategy he used to build a Multi-Million Dollar Cleaning Business in less than five years.

  • Is a competitor stealing your clients (and you don’t know it)?
  • Do your clients EXPECT a discount every time? Have you conditioned them to NEVER pay full price?
  • Do you think that just “doing a good job” should earn you the right to serve your client again?
  • Are you completely stressed out, missing out on family time (or beer drinking time) because you are working your butt off?
  • Or, worst case, are you sitting all alone at home because you have no work?
  • Are you sick and tired of other so-called marketing experts trying to schlep and schlock cheap postcards based solely on their price and not their ROI?
  • If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, keep reading, this is for you!

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LIVE Workshop »

Thursday February 12th 7:00 PM EST

During this Online Workshop created just for the in-home service companies, I will reveal the secrets and Pure MAGIC of Newsletter Marketing:

Discover How To:

Generate More Profits and Customers For Life

Substantially Increase Your Repeat Business

Create a Titanium Cage Around Your Clients: Keeping your Clients In and Your Competitors Out

Extract the Maximum Value From Your Client

Drastically Reduce the amount you spend on ineffective advertising

Just Who Are You, And Why Should I listen To You?

I am a Cleaning Business Owner just like you operating a carpet cleaning company in Maryland. I have been in business since 2007 (what a year to start a business, what with the economy imploding!).  I have fought, slugged and groveled for more clients using old methods of coupons and discounts. Check out the video to see if I am the real deal.

Thursday, February 12th 7:00 PM EST