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Marketer or the Year | Dan Kennedy GKIC Award

Marketer or the Year | Dan Kennedy GKIC Award

July 13, 2015 @ 2:53 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Father & Son Sweep Top Honors at Marketing Conference

Easton, MARYLAND — Vance Morris, small business marketing expert and a former Walt Disney World Management Executive took the top honors at the international 2015 GKIC Marketing Super Conference in Minneapolis on May 2.

Morris is the owner of an exclusive carpet and oriental rug cleaning company in Easton, MD on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Given the success of his marketing systems created for this business and being a true entrepreneur, keeping his eyes open for opportunity, and using direct response style marketing allowed him to start another more lucrative, fun information and consulting business. He now conducts Disney Service, Pricing and Marketing boot camps as well as personally guided expeditions of The Disney resort in Orlando.

To win this award, Morris had to submit his entire service and marketing plan to GKIC and a panel of international marketing expert. Included were examples of all the marketing campaigns he ran as well as the results. Fifty percent of the judging was based on the positive changes in his business and fifty percent based on the explanation of the submission. One of the rules was that a GKIC member should be able to imitate one of the campaigns with minor tweaks and create great results.

Morris was chosen from entries from around the world and over 5000 members. Each year GKIC holds a special competition that represents some of the best examples of how their members use direct response-style marketing to get results. The award celebrates the marketing achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs who have used GKIC-style marketing to grow their business and achieve extraordinary financial increases in their bottom line.

The winner receives thousands of dollars in cash prizes plus an all-expenses paid weekend where they get specific advice about their business from Dan Kennedy himself

In addition to the elder Morris’ win, his son Tanner Morris also took top honors at the international Teen Entrepreneur event, led by David Fagan of ICON Builder Media, that ran concurrently with the Super Conference. The younger Morris led an international team of teens to create and market a new product. The key criteria being it had to be able to be used as a real product or service. They then had to create a marketing plan as well as a webinar to promote and sell their service. Their project was judged by a panel of marketing experts and the attendees of the adult conference.

Mr. Morris was quoted “I could not be any more proud of my son than I am now. He has quite the entrepreneurial spirit.” Tanner Morris now gets to travel to Laguna Beach, Ca to attend an advanced and exclusive entrepreneurial academy.

Vance Morris is now the international marketing and entrepreneur ambassador for GKIC in 2015-2016, traveling the country speaking at conferences & trade organizations as well as working with small businesses to create or improve their client service systems and marketing strategies.

Morris has created a coaching and consulting product based on his Executive career with The Walt Disney World Resort as well as the Smithsonian Museum System, The White House, NASA and Tyson Foods. His motto is “You won’t profit unless you implement”. Success is about doing, action and implementation.

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