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I bet my Daughters Girl Scout Troop has better phone scripts than you do!

I bet my Daughters Girl Scout Troop has better phone scripts than you do!

November 16, 2015 @ 11:54 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Recently, my 7 year old daughter Emma, joined our local girl scout troop.  My wife and I thought it would a good character building organization to belong to and would help reinforce what we were teaching her at home.

Now as most of you know, I coach other businesses how to implement Disney style service and monetize it through direct response marketing. My kids hear me speak about it all of the time. I have all manner of CD’s playing in the car; Dan Kennedy, Chet Holmes, Brian Tracy… just to name a few. To say they are getting another education traveling in Dad’s car would be an understatement.

8 Year Olds Professional Sales Organization

But little did I know that my daughter would be joining a “professional sales organization”! I have had all of my kids in some sort of activity or sport where they were required to fund raise to help defray the costs. But none of them come close to the Girl Scouts fund raising sales machine. Not the Cub Scouts. Not the local soccer club. Nor the chess club or ballet studio.

After the first meeting Emma came home with something to sell her family, friends and relatives. Did you catch that? “The very first meeting”!!! They are setting the stage right from the beginning that raising money is a prime objective of the girl scouts.  But here is what separated the girl scouts from the rest of the non-profit bunch my kids belong to… She brought home SCRIPTS!

The title of the sales program (selling magazine subscription vouchers) was the “59 minute Quick Start”. Even the Girl Scouts have a “Quick Start” program to get them working together and indoctrinated into the group. This program was designed to be completed during the regular troop meeting in less than an hour.

An 8 Year Old With Sales Goals

They also have a GOAL SHEET that they had to fill out before they started dialing for dollars.  It listed out friends, family, distant family, neighbors, parents co-workers (damn… no affiliate commissions here) and friends at church.

Yep… They have real, live scripts that had everything written out for them to sell a ton of magazines.  The opening paragraph was a standard introduction stating their name, what they were selling and the sales goal they had set.

After her spiel, the final line was not “would you like to buy” which is a question just begging for a “No” answer. Nope, the question at the end was an assumptive close “How many vouchers would you like to buy?” There is a big lesson here. Too many phone operators are still using yes or no questions that are just a “no” waiting to happen.  Take a clue from the scouts and examine your scripts for these no-waiting-to-happen questions.

Upsell, Down Sell, Cross Sell

If the prospect says “Yes”, they are not merely order takers, nooooo… they go right into an UPSELL script by telling the prospect they can be a MVP if they get the 3 pack for just $45. My daughter added her own flair to it by saying “You do want to be a MVP, don’t you?” Nothing like being made feel small and un-manly by a seven year old. “Of course I was going to be an MVP”!

If the prospect says no, the scout has a DOWNSELL script for that. They ask “would you like to buy one voucher and donate it to charity”? IF the prospect still said no, they would thank for their time and move on. There was lots of dialing-for-dollars happening at this meeting.

Of course, I do need to report on the results. My daughter made 17 phone calls using the scripts provided. She closed 13 of the 17!!! To make it even more exciting, she got 9 of the 17 to take the upsell! I see a tremendous sales career in her future. She was the #2 salesperson, I mean girl scout, in her troop. She made this salesman Daddy very proud.

So… I know you are just waiting to ask… What does this have to do with your business? Altogether now and in unison… EVERYTHING! Take the time right now to go inspect your phone and live scripts:

  • Do you have daily, weekly, hourly sales quota’s?
  • Do your phone people have goals to achieve?
  • Do they have the right scripts?
  • Are they following and adhering to the scripts?

If my daughter, following the super simple scripts provided by the girl scouts and have a closing rate north of 75% and an UPSELL rate of more than 50%, that you as well can have the same success. Go NOW and inspect your scripts and your employee’s adherence to them. It could be the difference between losing money or phenomenal profits in your business.


Vance Morris is the founder of the Deliver Service Now institute (DSNi), a Disney Service & Direct Marketing firm. Vance spent 10 years as an operations executive in the Disney Resorts in Orlando, FL leading teams at The Contemporary Resort, Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, Pleasure Island and aboard the Empress Lily. He now advises business and practice owners on creating a Disney-Style experience for their businesses. His clients have included: The Smithsonian Museums, NASA, Rainforest Café, Legal Seafoods and The Erickson Communities. Learn more at www.DeliverServiceNow.com .

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