Retain More Coaching Revenue and STOP The Profit Leaks Through The Magic of Disney
Former Disney Executive turned Renegade Service Strategist and “GKIC Marketer Of The Year” Reveals The Secrets Behind The Magic At Disney

What Can Vance Do For Your Info-Business?

     Imagine, if you will, revealing to your members how to be the one business in their city or town whose legendary service is raved about like a 10 year old just returning from Walt Disney World.  Imagine, if they could generate “walk-on-burning-coals” client loyalty like Disney does. Imagine, if you will, clients and patients who look forward to seeing you and are delighted every step of the way through your service who will stay with you for a LIFETIME.

In a Harvard Business Review Article on customer loyalty, the authors presented evidence showing that satisfied customers (on a scale or 1-5) who only score the business a four are six times more likely to defect than a customer who scores a five. To put it another way, there is a six-fold increase in customer loyalty between the fours and fives. Disney does not present guest satisfaction scores to its cast members; it only shares the percentage of guests who rate it a five. You see, Disney does not measure satisfaction, it measures loyalty. Loyalty is the only fortification and safeguard any business has when up against the competition who want to steal your hard earned clients.

Over 25 million guests visit Walt Disney World each year, spending billions of dollars in order to experience Disney’s magic. And over EIGHTY percent of those guests have been there before! Generating fierce and passionate client (guest) loyalty is at the heart of Disney World’s business strategy and that same strategy can be easily implemented in your business.

Imagine no longer… Now You Can Have A Disney Insider Share His Secrets With Your Event Attendees or Members

So here’s the deal…

     Can we talk? A 15 minute conversation (by phone or in person) could uncover new opportunities to bring the magic of Disney to your next event.   I will be at the GKIC Info-Summit in Denver  11/4 through 11/8 and I was hoping to buy you a cup of coffee or just chat for a few minutes at some point that week. If you are not going to the Summit, we could schedule a quick call and see if there would be any synergy having me at your next event.

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   Yes Vance, I am interested in learning more about having you as a Disney-Way Celebrity Expert for my next meeting or event! Let’s set aside some time to explore the possibilities of adding some Disney flair to my info-business.

Yes, I want to meet with you while we are both at the GKIC Info Summit,  please contact my office to set a meeting time while we are both in Denver.


   I won’t be at Info Summit to talk with you, but I am really excited about bringing some Disney to my business, please contact my office or email me to set up a quick phone or Skype call.

Either Way fill out the form on the right and will be in touch with you faster than Buzz Lightyear going to infinity or beyond. 

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