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Girls Don’t Poop: Direct Response Works in Any Business

Girls Don’t Poop: Direct Response Works in Any Business

December 26, 2013 @ 12:28 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

In a recent edition of USA Today, one of their columnists decided to rate and rank some of the ads that appeared in all types of media; from print to Conventional TV to viral You Tube videos, he was right on some, but in my opinion dead wrong on others.

What this guy got right?

best and worst 2013 001

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Long Copy is not dead.  Many of the years ads were in excess of 3 minutes. Remember, that if your prospect is interested in what you have to say, they will watch, read or listen to as much information that you can provide them.  An educated prospect is worth more than a dumb one.  Not one of the ads reviewed was a traditional 30 second spot on National TV.

His view on the Hyundai Electric car ad is spot on.  The video shows a guy trying to commit suicide by leaving the engine running in a closed garage.  Fortunately for this poor sod,  the only thing this car emits is water vapor.  No Carbon Monoxide.  best and worst 2013 002

The one major ad I strongly disagree with the reviewer on is the Girls Don’t Poop Campaign.

This is a great example of Direct Response Marketing at work and should be studied closely.

One of the key principles of a Direct Response Ad is to get your prospect to take action, preferably through multiple paths. The marketers at Poo Pourri have nailed on many fronts.

First is their carefully chosen Target Market.  From the ads wording (Girl’s Don’t Poop), Video’s and images, these folks make it clear that their product is for dainty, prim and proper ladies.  Because as we all know, Lady’s poo does not stink.  This product can make the toilet smell like lavendar, Lemongrass, White Flowers, Grapefruit or any of a number of other scents.

If you listen carefully to their ad, the spokes-poo-woman speaks directly to the target audience.  http://youtu.be/ZKLnhuzh9uY 

Won’t Work In My Business

If you think poop spray doesn’t sell, they have over 25 million views on their commercial.  Now aside from their video production costs, they have reached 25 million viewers for FREE! Remember, YouTube does not charge to post a video.  They also have a nifty little counter of how much product has been sold on the front page of their site.  If that number is even remotely close to their actual sales they have generated a minimum of $40 million bucks!!

If a company that has feminine poo spray as their only product can sell $40 mill using direct response, why can’t you?




They have a good headline that attracts your attention AND leads to their sub headlines.  Placement of their video commercial is in a great spot to encourage viewership.

This is also a very “clean” site that captures the prospect and does not let them “go” anywhere.  They only have 2 pages to click on, and they are very small.  The main purpose of this site is to sell or capture.  What does your site do?


Multiple Response Mechanisms

Great use of lead capture to continue to market to their prospects as well as a way for someone to make an immediate purchase and not have to go through the whole site to make a purchase.


Review, testimonials and celebrity association

The next this the poopers do right is dedicate a TON of space on the home page to social proof as well as celebrity proof through their associations with the long list of media outlets




What celebrity association can you use in your business?




The Guarantee


Finally they have a fairly iron-clad guarantee.  They assume all of the risk of the product actually working.

Finally, the copy throughout the ad and site is filled with PERSONALITY, Humor and Sarcasm.  Personality in copy sells.  Period.  Are you just plain Vanilla, or are you letting your personality shine through in your copy to truly engage your prospect?

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By Vance Morris

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