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Dumb as a stump and we don’t even realize it

Dumb as a stump and we don’t even realize it

January 7, 2014 @ 4:45 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

I was recently in court trying to pry money out of a deadbeat client hands (we did the work, he did not pay), but first had to sit through traffic court.  If this little slice of the American Public is any indication of just how stupid, ignorant and completely devoid of thought we have become, we are in DEEP Kimchi.

Consider Pelosi, for example.  To paraphrase her “Let’s pass Obamacare to see whats in it” and then all of our elected officials (who are already one synapse short of any activity in the brain) boasting and admitting that they did not read the thing let alone understand it.  This is criminal stupidity.  Maybe there should have been a cliff notes version?

But back to traffic court… The first case to be heard was a cell phone while driving case.  (Maryland recently enacted the “hands-free” law, which most Marylanders have completely misunderstood by taking BOTH hands off the wheel to talk, text, eat, apply makeup, read etc…) But I digress… The officer had pulled this knuckle head over for speeding and talking on his phone while whizzing past the officer.

Too much Judge Judy or The People’s Court

This scofflaw must watch A LOT of Judge Judy or some other mindless mid-afternoon show.  Because he thought he had the the most fool-proof (turned out to be colossally FOOLISH) defense.  There was no way he had made a call on his phone.

“Your Honor”, the dumb as a tree stump dufus began, “I have here my cell phone records that show NO CALLS were in progress during the time of the traffic stop”.  He smugly looked at the officer and Judge, thinking “I just got off now suckers!”

But you see, he was not that smart.  Nope, he was not too smart at all…  You see, he kept talking.  This is what a lot of really dumb people do, keep talking, I have to make sense sooner or later.  His next words evoked an absolute roaring laugh from not only the stoic judge, but the bailiffs, attorney’s and the audience.

“I was trying to make a call, but it did not go through, my cell phone record proves it”.  (If I have to explain the punchline here, you may be a lost cause as well)

So from the National level to the local level, we are getting dumber and lazier.  There is a TV commercial with Alec Baldwin as a substitute teacher.  He asks the class what their regular teacher was teaching them. “Spelling” the class told him.  To which he replies “Spelling is not a class, its a program.  Spell-Check”.

People are so lazy and slothful that they do not have the energy or thought power to pick their own lottery numbers (think about that one for a second, it will keep you up all night), they have the computer pick it.  Folks can’t wait for the Google Car that drives itself.  We are becoming a population incapable of doing or thinking for ourselves.

Good News For Me and You

As much as I was appalled and dismayed by the speeder and talker that obviously works around a lot of glue, I knew that as a thinker and doer I would be in the minority of the rich.  Money does not like to be around dumb people.  It flees away as fast as it can to where it is wanted and respected.

Think With It Not Sit On It

Napoleon Hill’s title was not “Sit around on my lazy ass and Grow Rich”.  It was  “Think and Grow Rich”  If you want to experience success and Riches, then exceptional thought and accurate thinking along with a Mastermind Alliance are a fundamental necessity to grow.

Thoughts have POWER and can are under your control, no one else’s.  Accurate thinkers allow no one to do their thinking for them.  Get your brain working lest it shrivel and you begin to have delusions of adequacy.

Once a day for one hour turn off all things that think for you.

  • Read a book
  • Do math on a pad
  • Use a map instead of GPS
  • Look up a word in a REAL dictionary (yes they still make them)
  • Think about big issues as well as small and write them out on a yellow pad (and yes, they still make those too)

As my mentor Dan Kennedy says “Use and grow and strengthen your capacity to think and grow rich.  Or lose it.”

By Vance Morris



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