December 15, 2014 @ 2:44 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

More Lessons From My 8 Year Old

Work Ethic of an 8 year old

In previous editions of the Deliver Service Now Service & Marketing Success Letter, I talked extensively about goal setting and the awesome power it has to drive you and your business forward.

A couple years ago, I mentioned that my then 6 year old son, Kazys, had set goals for himself, without assistance from mom or dad. That summer he had three goals

  1. Ride a bike without training wheels
  2. Tie his shoes (what self respecting first grader uses velcro straps?!)
  3. Swim a full length of the pool

I was pleased to announce that if a first grader could SET and ACCOMPLISH his goals, so could and entrepreneur or business owner. And yes, he accomplished each goal.

Two years later he has added another quality that makes his dad proud and mother fearful that her son will end up just like dad. That quality is:


In the last two years he has become quite the competitive swimmer. Summer league morphed into Advanced Coaching and finally making the Winter Team.

No stroke presents a challenge to him as he takes to coaching well. He deep down wants to be a better swimmer.  Here is a typical week for him; Four nights a week of practice (one solid hour of swimming laps), every Saturday for 90 minutes, and then he has private coaching once a week. He ASKS for this… No actually he demands it.

Last week we had an all day swim meet about 50 miles from where we live.  While he only had four races to swim in, there were hundreds of kids there.  It took about nine hours to get through the day.  Even though we were up at 6:00 am, spent the day in a cramped gym waiting for the next race, he did not even so much as catch a wink of sleep on the way home (though dad was ready for a nap).

The Next Day

The very next day, after finishing a one hour private coaching session, and as both his sister and older brother got out of the pool and got dressed to leave, Kazys proceeded to move into an open lane to practice and work MORE!

  • Focusing on his strokes
  • Improving his turns
  • Paying attention to his breathing technique

This was THE VERY NEXT DAY!  No rest… No sitting back… The NEXT DAY!

My Question To You

Are you applying the same level of self imposed discipline, passion and the desire to be better in your life or business?


About Vance Morris

Vance spent 10 years working for the mouse at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. He started his career at Disney on the Opening Team of the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, and progressed through the management ranks as a Night Club Manager at Pleasure Island, Service Trainer aboard the Empress Lily, and on the revitalization team of the Contemporary Resort in the mid-90’s. It was at the Contemporary that Vance got his crowning achievement, Designing, Opening and Operating Chef Mickey’s, Disney’s flagship Character Dining Experience.

After leaving Disney, (yes people do leave) he utilized his skills to rescue or improve many of America’s companies and government agencies. His clients included Legal Seafoods, Tyson, NASA, Rain Forest Café, Compass Group, The Executive Office of the President of the United States, The Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Tiring of corporate life, Vance opened his own Bricks & Mortar Business in 2007.  After meteoric growth of his service business, other entrepreneurs began to seek him out for advice and counsel. This spawned his next business, Deliver Service Now!, consulting and coaching other companies on how to create and implement Disney style service and then apply Direct Response Marketing to profit from it.

Vance is the 2014 award winner of Dan Kennedy’s international marketing competition.

Vance can be contacted at or

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