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Disney Update: Appearance and Mindset Do Matter

Disney Update: Appearance and Mindset Do Matter

May 12, 2015 @ 2:25 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Even after he suffered through his 1923 bankruptcy at Laugh-o-Gram (Walt’s first business with his brother Roy), he made 3 vital and distinct decisions after the creditors were done to distance himself from the Kansas City failure.

DECISION ONE: Instead of heading to New York City, then the center of the cartooning world, he went to Hollywood. This was his first step at doing the opposite of what the rest of the industry did. Even though he was going out to be a Director, this decision would soon prove to be a pivotal one. 

He was even offered a “job” as a cartoonist in Kansas City, but he emphatically declined. His mind was made up (Definiteness of Purpose), he was going to Hollywood.

There is a lesson here for every entrepreneur. If you want an normal business with an ordinary and normal income, then schlep along with the industry norms. But if you want an EXTRAORDINARY business with and EXTRAORDINARY income, break with your industry norms and create a new path.

DECISION TWO: A burning desire. Had Napolean Hill come along in the late 1950’s, Walt would have been in his book Think & Grow Rich. When Walt Disney went to Hollywood, he burned the proverbial bridge and bought a one way train ticket  to Hollywood. But since he was bankrupt, all he had was tenacity and will. HIs first job out there was to sell photography services door-to-door.

Everything we have learned about Walt’s early endeavors indicated that he had a burning desire to show the world that cartooning could be an art form and be used in feature films. HE did not allow anyone or anything get in his way to achieving this dream

DECISION THREE: He left Kansas City with the cloths on his back, 2 pairs of socks, two pairs of underwear and about $40. But he invested in a FIRST CLASS ticket for the journey to Hollywood. 

His positive mental attitude gave him the power to do everything he did.

What does this all have to do with your business? 

There are a number of instructive business lessons all entrepreneurs should grasp and emulate here.

  1. Look around at your competition. Check out what everyone else in your industry, business or niche are doing. There is a 90% chance they are all wrong! Break the norms and mores held by your industry and create a new, better way to conduct business. Walt did not go to New York like the rest of the cartoon lemmings, he went to Hollywood.
  2. You can always start again if you have the tenacity, drive, chutzpah, balls or burning desire to succeed. Google the story of Kenneth Cole, the luxury woman’s goods store on the sheer tenacity of an individual). If you lack any of these personality traits or pieces of anatomy (women can have balls, just not like mens…) you are going to be a very poor entrepreneur. You are better off going and getting a job. And society will thank you for not mucking up the works.
  3. Think like a success. Act like a success. Even though he was broke, Walt Disney was not going to appear like or act as a failure. His purchase of a first class train ticket was a testament to his success mentality.

You must take the time to observe your surroundings, break some or most of the rules and drive yourself to the success you seek.

In the face of adversity, will you travel first class?


Vance Morris MEGA Marketing Entrepreneur Growth AllianceVance Morris is the Founder of Deliver Service Now, whose mission is to Disnify businesses around the globe. Vance is a former Disney Executive having spent 10 years at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando.

He is the 2015 Marketer of The Year from GKIC, International Marketing & Entrepreneur Award, 2014 Winner Dan Kennedy International Marketing Award, 2013 & 2014 Finalist GKIC Marketer of the Year. He is the author of the Books: “7 Rules for Prosperity in Any Economy”, and “Systematic Magic” Disnify Any Business or Practice

He can be reached at vance@deliverservicenow.com


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