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Disney now scans the fingers of 3-year-old kids

Disney now scans the fingers of 3-year-old kids

September 15, 2016 @ 7:54 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

In a recent Forbes article, they reported that Disney was now scanning the fingers of its’ tiniest guests in an effort to curtail the ticket fraud that is its’ own little black market in Orlando, Florida.

The new policy is an expansion of Disney’s existing finger-scanning program (“Ticket Tag” in Disney parlance) used to admit people 10 and over to theme parks and water parks. Now, the program applies to children’s tickets for those between the ages of three and nine. A person close to Disney said the new policy began in August and is part of the company’s efforts to reduce ticket fraud.

What’s this got to do with your business? Everything! While you may not be bio-metrically scanning people, you do need to have strong Quality Business Practices (which is the QBP of my profit formula).

For those that have not seen it, here it is: [QEE+QCE+QBP] x DRM = PF  Quality Employee Experience + Quality Client Experience + Quality Business Practices x Direct Response Marketing = a Profitable Future.

I know I speak a lot about the QCE portion of the equation in these emails and on stage when I am speaking, but having strong policies, procedures and standards for your business is just as important. You need to protect yourself and your clients from the evil-doers out there, but just the same, you need to have standards that will drive profit for your company.

So take a minute or two and look around at your standards and procedures. Do they help to drive profit or are they roadblocks to profitability?

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