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Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Only

Are you: 

  • sick and tired of being price shopped by coupon-clipping-discount-seeking cheapo’s?

  • missing out on family and friend time?

  • done with being treated like a commodity?

  • down right pissed off that your business is not paying you what you are really worth?

  • fed up with other franchises in your area constantly trying to undercut you?

  • doing fairly well and want to take your business to the next level?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading.

A special message for All US Chem-Dry Owners who are finally ready to learn the Amazing Insider Service and Marketing Secrets of the World’s Most Advanced (and respected) Service Provider.

What does a carpet cleaner (me) know about service and marketing?  Well, I just happen to be a service alumni from Walt Disney World.  I spent 10 years working for the mouse as a Guest Service Manager and Trainer.  I was on the opening team of the Yacht & Beach Club Resort, worked as a Manager and Service Trainer at Pleasure Island and designed the Restaurant service plan at The Contemporary Resort.

I have also studied, learned and implemented marketing strategies from the world’s best marketing strategists including: Dan Kennedy, Dean Jackson, Dave Dee, Lee Milteer and a slew of other geniuses.

Let me teach you

The first practical, Step-by-step, Service and Marketing

Success Blueprint for Chem-Dry Owners and Franchises.

I have packaged all of my service and marketing experience just for you.  I will teach you all that I learned about service from my 10 years as a manager and service trainer at Walt Disney World and 15 more years in the hospitality industry.  Our Deliver Service Now! Blueprint shows you how to design and implement a service plan that will allow you to increase your prices to a highly profitable level.

You will discover and learn:

  • how to sort and filter out the coupon clipping cheapo’s so that they never bother to call (and waste your time).
  • how to build a business with a Disney Style Service System with our Deliver Service Now! Blueprint
  • how to focus your marketing to a defined affluent target market that can afford your service AND be happy to pay for it.
  • how to insulate your business from your competitors and make them irrelevant
  • how to package and bundle your services at prices you never dreamed of (even in this economy)
  • how to build a sustainable and automated marketing system with our Deliver Marketing Now! Blueprint.

Are you ready to make a change that will increase your profits?

Yes, I am, tell me more…

Are you ready to shed the baggage of a ho-hum-I-will-get-to-it-tomorrow business and transform it into a profitable service powerhouse?

 Yes, I am, tell me more…

Not convinced yet?  See what other franchises are saying…

Let me teach you


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