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The most profitable 30 minutes of the Convention
For Chem-Dry 2014 Convention Attendees Only

Free 30 Minute Service & Marketing Tune Up

If you take action, this could be the most profitable 30 minutes of the convention

30 minute Service & Marketing Review: Nothing to buy cause I’m not sellin’ (at least on this call). A 30 minute recorded, eye opening, money making session where you will walk away with actionable strategies to implement immediately in your business. Session is recorded so you don’t have to worry about taking good notes. You will get a recording for your personal use.

   Here is what one Chem-Dry Owner had to say about his 30 minute session:

“Thanks for your time today, it was eye opening for sure. We are going to take your advice for sure and its starting today!”


But you need to hurry, you must sign up for your session by 2/15 and schedule it by 3/15.


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But wait there’s more…. BONUS #1
Sign up for the Free Service & Marketing Tune Up and get…
A Free Service or Marketing Campaign.  At the end of your coaching Tune Up, just let me know whether you want a FREE:
  • Allure Campaign (Lead Generation)
  • Disney Style Service Campaign
  • Titanium Curtain Campaign (Client Retention)
But wait there’s even more… BONUS #2
Not trying to sound like the Oxy-Clean commercials, but I do have one more Bonus

   There is a very good chance that you have never heard of me, but that doesn’t really bother me.  I just appreciate the fact that you are out; searching for answers; and have enough curiosity to take the time to learn more about the foundations of any business: Service & Marketing.


  Deliver Service NOW! SuccessLetter!   newsletter (and  I hesitate to even call it that, but more on that in a moment) is guaranteed to become one of your go-to resources in the coming months as your very own personal, “swipe & deploy file” for giving you the ideas and content for creating attention-grabbing, money-making marketing that drives in a flood of new business for you!


   Like a trusty and versatile pocket knife, ready at a moment’s notice, each issue of SuccessLetter! will be filled with powerful tools for you to generate new leads and get new customers. But unlike other publications, SuccessLetter! will not only show you what to do, it will give you the templates, copy- writing examples, graphics and more to get you started as fast and easy as possible!


   Yes, you read that right! Not only am I going to instruct you, I am going to include the content to get you started!


So as a 2014 Convention Bonus,

I am not going to give you one, but
two editions of the SuccessLetter!
If for some un-godly, off this planet reason, you don’t feel that the SuccessLetter! will increase your wealth (both personally and in your business) just let me know and I will cancel the SuccessLetter! send you a case of Natural®.

Lowest pressure sales pitch you will ever get
Look… I am a franchise owner just like you.  I still operate my business everyday.  But I have also have a passion for service & marketing (must be all those years at Disney coming out), and I want to share that passion with you.  Even if it is only for 30 minutes.
Do I run a coaching program? Yep.  But it is only for folks who desire to increase their wealth through effective service & marketing.  If you want my help, just ask. Otherwise, I won’t be hounding you to join me.
Do I coach private clients? Yep. From Carpet Cleaners and Dentists to Plumbers and Mortgage Companies.  Again, this is not for everyone.
Bottom line: I encourage you to take advantage of the 30 minute free tune up, get a free campaign sent to you and try out the Success Letter.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I have all the risk. If you think this has been a complete waste of time and you can honestly say that you cannot increase your profits and wealth from, I will not only refund your shipping & handling, but I will buy you a case of The Natural® and send it to you.


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