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CD Exclusive: Is Everything WRONG?


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What if you had a system for marketing your business to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot, a fool, a complete moron, to do business with anyone other than you…                                   at anytime,                      anywhere                       or at any price?!



So, Why Am I Doing Another Webinar?


Well… quite frankly… I wasn’t.  My local marketing clients have been keeping me hoping.  Not to mention that my Chem-Dry business is a boomin’!

But many of the franchise owners have asked me how to pull it all together… “I have all these tactics you showed us, but I need  a strategy” is the theme I am hearing over and over again. So I thought I would pull it all together for you.
You see… much of what we hear about Marketing, Lead Generation and Business Growth is just plain wrong (think back to the e-trade issue).
 At the end of the Webinar you will be armed with Marketing Strategies, not just tactics, that will:

  • Let you FINALLY quite competing on Price
  • Drive in more qualified prospects and leads that…
  • You will be able to convert in greater numbers…
  • Who will be paying, staying and refering!


You will FINALLY have total control over your marketing and lead generation.


As a reminder, this call is NOT for:

   I only work with people who are ready to take massive action.  I have no mamby pamby slick little quotes like some these other marketing guru’s.  I am not a social worker, therapist nor psychiatrist.  I cannot get you to stop smoking, lose weight, or exercise (though you should consider all those items).


   But if, just if, you are ready to learn, with an open mind, about Disney Style Service and Pricing and how to market your business, I am your guy.

So if you are ready to slam the lid on the competition, I encourage you to sign up. 


Besides… Another Chem-Dry in your area could be on the call getting all this info

and leaving you in the dust

This coaching webinar will be on:
6/12/14 at 7:30 PM EST.
 Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with the website address for the video coaching. 
Be sure to book mark the page.

  Let’s Get Moving, Sign Me Up.

So just who the heck is Vance Morris and

Why Should You Listen to him? 

   Vance’s service experience began with the 10 years he spent as a Manager and Service Trainer at Walt Disney World in Florida.

   He was on the opening team of Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. He then worked as a Night Club Manager at Pleasure Island and was the All-Island Duty Manager responsible for nightly operations and celebrity tours. Click to read more…


     In 2011, he started mentoring other Chem-Dry franchises on service and marketing strategies.

     After a presentation at an international marketing conference, sharing the stage with Lou Ferrigno, Joe Polish, Joe Sugarman and a slew of other marketing icons, he launched his Service and Marketing Coaching Business.


Read what other Chem-Dry Franchise owners have to say about working with Vance… click Here


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