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A client attraction magnet (CAM) is advertising designed to for new prospect or client acquisition. They are made to be given away to clients and prospects to educate and motivate them to call you when they are ready.

They can also be used as “Free Reports” in Direct Response Marketing called Lead Generation Advertising.  It’s only purpose is to be used as a “Free” gift in exchange for client contact information (Names, addresses, email maybe phone number).

A CAM’s main purpose is to position you and your company as knowledgeable experts in your field.

How to Preserve The Value of Your Oriental Rug

  • This Client Attraction Magnet is designed to educate your clients and position you as an Oriental Rug Expert.
  • 4 Mistakes to Avoid when choosing a Rug Cleaner
  • How to choose the right cleaning method for your rug
  • Pet Accidents Happen: Now What?
  • Four Recommendations on    Choosing a Rug Cleaner
  • 6 Questions to ask any rug cleaner BEFORE you invite them to your home






Consumer Awareness Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Consumer Awareness Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid 4 carpet cleaning rip-offs!
  • Six costly misconceptions about carpet cleaning.
  • Seven mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner.
  • Crawlin’ critters and crud:  a guide to the slime, grime, and livestock that’s seeping, creeping, and galloping through your carpet.
  • The importance of value and price.
  • Eight Questions to ask any carpet cleaner.
  • 100% NO-RISK Guarantee.
  • Four steps to fresh, clean healthy carpet.
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