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Breastraunts, Disney and Your Business

May 29, 2015 @ 8:01 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

marketing, disney,small businessBreastraunts

Love em or hate em, breastraunts, those restaurants who cater mostly to men and employ scantily clothed young, female servers are generating incredible sales and profits, even as other casual restaurants are sagging and dying.

What’s this got to do with your business? Why am I talking about this in a Disney site? Don’t fret, I will tie it all together in a neat little bow soon enough.

Recently, ran an article about a case study breastraunt called Twin Peaks (yes, pun intended). They were also at the center of the brewhaha involving the bike gangs in Texas, but I am not covering that. This restaurant franchise was launched in 2005 as an alternative to the skimpily orange attired Hooters. twin Peaks was the fastest growing chain restaurant in 2013.

What makes them so successful?

The bottom line is that they know and understand their target market; men. “Men are simple creatures“‘ stated the twin peaks spokesperson, “so you don’t have to go crazy getting them in the door.” Beer, sports and beautiful women are all it takes.

But their market targeting goes much deeper, according to leaked internal memos. They not
only know their demographic profile, but more importantly, the psychographic profile. The
restaurant targets men “who love to have their ego stroked by beautiful girls” and promises an
environment that “feeds the ego with the attention they crave”.

They describe their typical customer as someone who like attention from beautiful girls and
being recognized in front of the guys, as well as someone who doesn’t want to be asked “what
are you thinking?”

They also have a brand promise or mission statement that any employee can wrap their pea
brains around. “daring to create an adventure guys can’t live without”. They have correctly
identified their raving fan as “I am the man, I believe in freedom, bacon, working hard and
playing harder. I deserve to drink a cold beer and catch the game without being asked what I’m

So here is lesson number one and the reason you should be paying attention; they know their
target market intimately. Down to the lowest emotional trait. They know what their target
customer wants, who they are and they deliver. Do you know your target market that intimately?
Have you invested the time searching, prodding and snooping about what makes your target
market tick?

This relates directly to the Disney client compass; understanding and exploiting your clients
needs, wants, emotions and sterotypes. Disney studies and measures the wants and
desires of its guests on an hourly sometime minute by minute basis. They then crunch that data
and utilize it to further increase service, raise prices, change attractions, etc… All to extract more
money from each and every guest (without them feeling like they have been gouged or

Lesson number two. They work in a niche, attracting their perfect customer and repelling
people, mostly women, who do not fit in their brand vision “a place guys can’t live without.” This
is one reason they are growing so fast, enjoying their profits, while other casual style
restaurants are dying off one by one, failing to differentiate themselves from one another. Walk
into a TGIFridays, Chilis, Ruby Tuesday, Applebee’s, etc, and they all look the same. Same decor, same menu, same clientele,
same sameness. They are lost in a sea of sameness. Almost like they were all neutered, turned
into a bland whiteout.

There is nothing else like Disney in the entire world. They are in a category of one. They stay
true to their target market and mission statement by “providing the finest in family
entertainment”. Certainly not a Twin Peaks, but they know how to differentiate themselves. What
have you done to separate yourself from the competition? Are you just like the rest the
companies in your market or niche? Have you created a differentiating factor that speaks
directly to your target market, repelling all others, to create your raving fans?

In order for you to thrive in this economy, you must break from the pack of sameness. You must
identify with your target market and be unrelenting in your pursuit of them and the repelling of
anyone who is not. Now…get me a beer… Pretty please?


Vance Morris is the only Disney service and direct response marketing coach on the planet. He
is the 2015 GKIC Marketer of the Year and the author of Systematic Magic, how to Disnify any
business and profit. He has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX and Nations Restaurant News. For
more information on working with Vance or having him speak at your event, email him at

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