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Anyone? Anyone?

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Anyone? Anyone?

January 28, 2015 @ 3:55 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

The other day, reading some rather boring literature from an accountant made me think of that scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off … The one where the incredibly inept and boring economics teacher played by Ben Stein talks in one tone the whole time…never talking louder or softer…just one pitch…the entire time.

His idea of jazzing up his snoozefest lecture is to occasionally pause to see if anyone in the class can insert the proper word… calling out…

“Anyone? Anyone?”

… before moving on.

The film scans the class showing total boredom…blank stares…even a guy drooling on his desk in his sleep. The lesson from that scene can also be applied to marketing. The last thing you want your literature, newsletters or any other marketing to be is boring.

Sadly, most businesses turn one of their most powerful media that they could possible use to grow their business into a giant snoozefest piece, failing to capitalize on its true potential.

Their prospects and customers start reading, maybe they even make it through an issue or two… but as each month passes they stop reading, in many cases stop opening, their newsletter all together.

Some businesses continue mailing while others seeing it as seemingly a waste of time and money, stop sending it out altogether.

The thing is, newsletters can and should be an important marketing tool in your overall marketing plan. Because newsletters are perceived as a publication and not advertising, people are more likely to read it than your advertisements and sales promotions.

Plus with the right formula, a newsletter can also build a strong community of “members” not just “customers,” create powerful, loyal long-term bonds with readers, keep your business top of mind and build trust.

Would you like the formula for making sure your newsletter gets opened and read?

Get on the  Newsletter Blueprint webinar! 
In this recently updated webinar, Newsletter Blueprint, I reveal my newsletter formula which is based on reviewing over 1113 newsletters, studying countless books on the subject and writing and publishing over a dozen newsletters over the span of my career.

Discover the biggest mistake people make when creating their newsletter – it’s a surprising fix that can instantly cure boredom.

You’ll receive strategies to make your newsletter so compelling that your readers will not only look forward to reading it every month, but they’ll read each issue more carefully.

Find out how to create a super-effective opening article, the three types of newsletter content and my formula for coming up with the ideal mix of each.

Are you ready to put my powerful and eye-opening formula to work for your business?

Vance, I’m sold… I’ll take the Newsletter Blueprint

When a newsletter is interesting and fun to read, your prospects and customers will build a relationship with you and begin to feel as if they are part of a community.

Use my tips for creating powerful bonds, more trust and super effective newsletters that demand reading. Create a valuable newsletter that your clients, customers, patients and prospects rip open and read that develops trust, builds your brand, enhances credibility and strengthens customer relationships.




Vance Morris

Remember, You Won’t Profit Unless You Implement


P.S. Do you know what it is critical with newsletters?

“Anyone? Anyone?” CONSUMPTION is critical. Because if your clients don’t read your newsletter then nothing’s going to happen. Don’t risk boredom. Get the Newsletter Blueprint today.

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