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Two mightily important and crass questions need your honest answer

Does My Service Suck?

Does My Marketing Suck?

By Vance Morris

Worse still, does your service and marketing suck and you don’t even know it?

Hi, I am Vance Morris, Founder of DeliverServiceNow.com and Chesapeake Service and Marketing Solutions.  My core belief is that marketing and customer | client | guest service are inextricably connected.  We give you the blueprints, turn-key systems, strategies and tools to create a culture of service in your business that will dramatically improve your marketing ROI, your profits and your wealth.

I do not have a fancy title or degree.  What I have is experience

You see, I am different from most, if not all, business coaches, experts, marketing guru’s, PhD’s, Dr.’s, and all of the other yopes out there.  I do not have a fancy title or degree.  What I have is experience that cannot be duplicated.  I have worked in business.  And I do mean worked.  No mamby pamby philosophies.  Just plain old hard work.

I worked for the mouse

Why am I different and in the unique position to help you with service and marketing? First, I have been in the hospitality and service industry for over 30 years.  I learned about, implemented and improved my guest service skills as a manager at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Yep, I worked for the mouse for 10 years at many of its’ fine resorts; The Contemporary, Yacht & Beach Club and Pleasure Island.

Vance Morris

Back in 2007, I started my own business.  I bought a Chem-Dry Franchise (Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning) and began my adventure in self-employment and serial entrepreneurship.  I continued to grow the business through one the worst economies in recent memory.  The founding principle of this business was providing excellent service for an industry KNOWN for lousy service and smarmy workers.  After a few years, we gained the reputation of a strong customer service company.

In late 2011 I began to get recognition for my business marketing strategies.  I had fellow franchisees calling for advice and counsel on their marketing efforts.  In mid 2012, I was a presenter at an International Marketing Conference and shared the stage with Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk), Joe Sugarman (Blue-Blockers Sunglasses), Dean Jackson, Joe Polish and  slew of other world renowned marketers.  This was the debut of the Service Excellence Blueprint™ and the Profit Implementation Blueprint™.Lou and me

Our expertise is in the integration of the two most important things in your business.  Service and Marketing.  Marketing and Service.  Why did I repeat myself?  Both are of equal importance.  Your business cannot profit, let alone survive without either one.

Remember, You Will Not Profit Unless You Implement

By Vance Morris

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