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A wedding at Denny’s only 95 bucks

A wedding at Denny’s only 95 bucks

June 10, 2013 @ 9:33 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Many companies (are you one?) advertise strictly by price.  Why??  Because that is what all of their competitors are doing.   And, You get what you market for.  If you advertise your prices, you will attract discount seeking price shoppers.   Just open up the Sunday paper…

  • Carpet Cleaning: Whole House just $99.00 (or worse)
  • Local Mattress Store advertising: King Bed just $199.00
  • You can even get married at the gaudy, neon Denny’s in Las Vegas.  For just 95 bucks, you can get married in the Denny’s wedding chapel, feast on a wedding Pancake stack and proudly wear your “Just Married at Denny’s” t-shirt. NOT!!!

Now let’s consider the OPPOSITE

  • Local Carpet Cleaner: No price listed in any ad.  They have a package selling for $997 (not including extras like stain resistance), and they sell 5-6 a month.
  • Another local Mattress store right across town that does not advertise on price.  But they do sell a $35,000 mattress!!!  And yep, they sell a bunch of them a month.
  • And of course, you cannot leave out the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding (not a pancake stack in sight).  Ya want Cinderella’s Gown, maybe a horse drawn glass coach, maids-a-waiting, lords-a-leaping and flowers arranged across a big lake???  It can all be had…  For a price just north of Denny’s 95  bucks.

The comparisons can continue, but the bottom line question YOU need to answer is:

Do you want to make a living scraping by on Denny’s type clients or harness the economic buying power of Disney-like clients?

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