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A FREAKIN’ Goldfish?!

A FREAKIN’ Goldfish?!

May 18, 2015 @ 9:58 am
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

Damn… Just when you thought the news could not get worse about the human race… Well according to USA Today your attention span is lower than that of a goldfish.

Yes, those little creatures you take home in a bag from the carnival only to bury or flush them away after your child over feeds them, have a loooonger attention span than the average human. (I could stop writing here, ’cause the average human has already tuned out)… But then again, you are not average… are you?

What’s worse… humans are on the decline. According to the story, back in the year 2000, our attention span was 12 seconds, now it is a paltry 8 seconds. Yes, this age of 140 character tweets, buzzing phones, zapping emails and faxes coming out of your left earlobe, has completely sapped our attention.

Of course I think most people are complete dunderheads when it comes to managing their time and they lack the basic skill of attention!

It is amazing that when I attend one of my four kids baseball games or ballet practices, 97% of the parents are not even paying attention to their kids! What the hell is that all about. Do they not have any boundaries? Can’t they turn that doohickey in their pocket off long enough to enjoy their children?? I mean really being present at their event.

Most people now live 24/7/365 with an umbilical cord attached to some device. They do not have the “Asset of Attention“, as my mentor Dan Kennedy puts it. This is what having no asset of attention is; their asset is completely mortgaged, owned by others, monetized by others every minute of the day… even as they sleep.

Attention is one skill where I have completely created an asset. I end my workday precisely at 4:30 pm.

No more email,

no more business phones,


I then spend time with MY cord plugged into my family, children’s activities, making dinner… whatever. I do not tweet, twat, Pintrest, Facebook, etc.  I focus on the moment. I focus on the people I am with. I do not let distractions get in my way of enjoying the moment.

Now it was not always like this… I missed my share of home runs, pirouettes, and goals ’cause I had my head stuck into some damn device. But enough was enough. I had to do something.

So invested in myself. Actually I invested in my family, and I talked with my mentor Dan Kennedy, who said “Vance, you need a system to manage your time that will give you the FREEDOM to live you life on your terms.” And he gifted my a copy of his Renegade Millionaire Time Management Strategies.

Whoa Nelly!!! This was the missing key to my time and attention deficits. It completely turned my life around as to the amount and quality of time I spent with friends and family.

Now I want to gift his system to you. It worked so well for me, I know it will work for you. I worked out a deal with the folks who sell his program and here is what you get:

Renegade Millionaire Time Management Strategies

Receive Dan’s blunt answers to the Objections, Excuses and Fears people have about insisting absolute control, about imposing their will, about tightly planning and organizing their schedule and discover it is possible!

Methods for Instantaneous Improvement

Get an actual detailed, micro explanation of how Dan organizes his work, communication and time to get more done in every hour than most people get done all day with specific strategies that yield instantaneous improvement for getting things done.

The Psychology of FAST, On-Schedule Achievement

Find out why there’s such a big time lag between people’s decisions about changes and goals and their actual accomplishment and what to do to change that in your own life.

How to Get More Co-operation from the Uncooperative

Learn how to get cooperation from the people around you so they facilitate rather than sabotage your productivity.

Dan’s Renegade Millionaire Time Management System

Don’t envy Dan’s productivity, instead adapt his strategies and gain more control, more freedom and more and faster achievement with this 3 CD collection detailing Dan’s Renegade Time Management System.

Renegade Millionaire Time Management Big Ideas, Articles and Notes

Beyond Dan’s books, seminars and other recordings, gain further insight into Dan’s time management and productivity tactics with a Bonus CD with related articles from Dan Kennedy as well as a 175-page Time and Productivity Strategies Reference Manual.

Remember, this is a one time and time limited bonus for those who join GKIC.  If you have been on the fence or are new and open to a monthly delivery of some of the most advanced and usable marketing and business improvement ideas, this is the time to join GKIC.  And when you do, in addition to the free copy of the Renegade Millionaire Time Management System, you will also receive your first two months of GKIC membership for FREE and you will get a copy of the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever with a BOATLOAD of time tested tools and strategies to help you reach your goals.

That’s close to $1000 of business building value provided for free and with no strings attached – meaning you can cancel at any time and keep the materials.

Though there are no strings, there are two small catches.  First the clock is ticking as this is a special limited time offer that expires on May 31.  So click HERE  to sign up. Once You do, I will send you your Time Management System ASAP

Second, I only have 25 copies to give away, so do not delay, or you may miss this opportunity.

I look forward to welcoming you to the GKIC family and ordering your copy of the Renegade Millionaire Time Management System.

To your success!


P.S. I have been assured that the deadline for this offer really is May 31st 2015, so if you think that you may miss the deadline by returning the attached form, sign up via this link

P.P.S. Even if you decide to cancel and not pay a dime after the 2 months free membership, you still get to keep the Time Management System AND the Tools and Strategies

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