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Hire and Fire RUTHLESSLY

Hire & Fire RUTHLESSLY: This applies to both employees and vendors.  Do not settle as you cannot afford to settle.

Yes, I know this sounds harsh, but presumably you are running a business to actually make money.  You are not in a position to accept poor performance from either your employees or your vendors.  But I do not want to get ahead of myself.

If you hire ruthlessly, the firing part becomes less of an issue.  Now, I am not about to dispense any HR advice here, since I am far from an HR expert.

You need to set up your hiring system of both employees and vendors in such a way that only the most qualified make it to the point of an interview.  Your marketing of an open position, MUST sift, sort and screen out the dopes, dunderheads and all of the otherwise miscreants known as poor applicants.

Giving the application process a degree of difficulty will start sorting out the poor applicants.  For example, I have applicants FAX their RESUME to me.  I state very clearly in the ad, that only FAXED RESUMES will be considered.  (Yes, I know, that faxes are out of style, but they are still a viable communication tool.)   I want them to jump through some hoops before they get to me.

  • If I get an email with no resume attached, I hit delete.
  • If I get an email with no resume attached and the email goes something like this: “how u doin  i hav ben looking for a job for 6 months and so far nuthin   can i talk at you about it”.  I hit delete with such force as to need a new keyboard.  I mean really…  no punctuation, capitalization or spell check?
  • If I get a resume emailed to me, I do not consider it (can’t follow directions).  What part of FAX it did they not understand?
  • If they do manage to fax me something (but not a resume), it goes in the trash.

Only FAXED resumes make it to the screening interview.  I have been using this method for a few years now and it has not failed me.  All of my current employees started with a faxed resume.  This is a good indicator of an employee who can and will follow directions.

The same thing can be done with vendors, especially advertisers trying to sell you something.  I make that prospective vendor jump through hoops to get my business.  To begin with, I only meet vendors on a pre-determined day and time of the month.  I do not let anyone else dictate or otherwise screw around with my schedule.

  • I always meet at a coffee house or neutral ground that in convenient to me.  I do not drive to their office for a whole slew of reasons (their home turf, going there on their terms and schedule, etc..)
  • If they are not at the location at the scheduled time, I leave.  I do not give a grace period of 2 minutes, 5 minutes or anything like that, nor do I call them.  I just get up and leave.  They are now wasting MY time.  If they can’t get to the initial sales meeting on time, it is a strong indicator that my ads will be late, incorrect or worse, not even run.
  • If I decide that advertising with them is good strategically for my business, I then use their tardiness against them and leverage a great deal.  Typically in the range of 50%-75% off.

You are in business presumably to make money, not be a baby sitter, social worker, or nanny to those who you choose to employ and contract with.

If you do not have a PROCESS for hiring, now is the time to create it.  Do not wait until tomorrow.  Take action now!

  • How will you accept applicants? What are your criteria for sifting sorting and screening?
  • How will you visit and consider vendors?  It must happen on your terms, not theirs.

Want to increase profits?  Start here, with a ruthless process of hiring.  Take action now!

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