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Detail, details, details| If they don’t notice, why do it?

Details, Details, Details.  Every business should be about the details.  One small oversight of the smallest of details is the beginning of the end for you.  You must be unwavering in your demand for adherence to every detail in your business.

Overhead, in the decorative moldings of the ceiling of the Be Our Guest restaurant at Beauty And The Beast Castle at Disney World, ordinary and customary little rosettes or circles have been (more expensively and painstakingly) replaced with little carvings of the Beast’s head. Since 70%, 80%, maybe 90% of the visitors may never look up, and if they don’t consciously notice this, why do it?

There are four reasons.

  1. There are the  10% who do look up and do “get it”.  They are probably the 10% most valuable, most committed customers. It matters to them. These are the clients who will continue to come back to YOU time and time again.  Do you have whole families consisting of multiple generations using your business?  Disney is now at the point of having multiple generations visit (kids, parents, grand-parents and now great grand parents).  Is your business providing a level of attention to detail that will compel generations of loyal clients?
  2. If we educate customers, more can be made to notice, care, and appreciate. Disney educates their customers – they pointed me, to look up, and explained the extra mile efforts to notice throughout the New Fantasyland in my D23 Magazine and my Disney Files Magazine.  What do you do to educate your clients and the level of detail that you provide in your business?  Do you have a newsletter? (if not, you should)  Does your marketing convey your unyielding passion for every detail?
  3. I do believe there is business karma, and just doing the minimum we can get away with has karmic consequences. One of the chief causes of failure today is the striving for unearned success.  Doing just the bare minimum in providing service and then wondering why your client never calls you back.  I recently had an appliance repair company come to the house to fix a noise in the drier.  When they arrived the technician was in a clean uniform (it was already 2 oclock and he had been working), placed a mat on my porch to wipe his feet, placed a towel under his tool bag and used special mat to slide out the drier so he would not scratch the floor.  Now mind you, the drier is in my basement on a concrete floor and he still used the special mat.  Deciding on the right “level” for each thing we do is important.
  4. Walt once said: even if I’m the only one that notices, some things are still worth doing, because I need to be prideful to be motivated. I’m paraphrasing, but I’m close. I have to be proud of what I do, at least comfortable with it, regardless of others’ appreciation. And if I lived on others’ appreciation, my service would be nowhere as powerful as it is. Few clients can appreciate every nuance, my reasoning and the psychology behind the service I provide, many take it for granted, hardly anybody faints from awe or gives my technicians  standing ovation. I am big Star Wars fan, and I have a poster in my office of Yoda (who dispenses powerful wisdom) that says “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try”.  We do pay attention to the details, do you?

yodaYour goal is to make the competition irrelevant by offering service and services that they do not.

Your clients and customers choice should be between You, You and You.


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