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Disney Quality Service Manifesto

9 Point Manifesto to Building

Disney Quality Service 

Chesapeake Service & Marketing Solutions core belief is that client/guest/customer service and marketing are inextricably linked and connected.  Founder, Vance Morris, had a distinguished guest service management career at The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Now he is on a mission to prove that any small business, with the right mindset, can offer the same level of Disney Service and PROFIT from it.

Two bold and crass questions that you

need to answer honestly.

Does Your Marketing stink?

You can have the highest level of customer service in your industry, but if no one knows about your customer service experience, your business will flounder and eventually dies a spectacular death.  Your customer service experience needs to be an integral part of your business marketing plan.

Does Your Service Stink?

An even worse question would be, does your service suck and you don’t even know it?  If you have a strong business marketing plan, but dealing with your company is an absolute customer service nightmare, then you are doomed to the same spectacular death. Your business needs…

The Client Service | Customer Service  Marketing Manifesto™ 

  1. Your competition is anyone your client or customer compares you to.  If your customer service really stinks, then this is a comparison that will sink your business.You will be compared to everyone and anyone all of the time.  Your service must exceed that of all others.  Imagine if you will, that you are the owner of a small boutique clothing shop in a small resort town.  Imagine that you have a counter person whose best customer service word is “NEXT!” (bellowed with a gravely rottweilerish bark).
  2. Details, Details, Details.  Every business should be about the details.  One small oversight of the smallest of details is the beginning of the end for you.  You must be unwavering in your demand for adherence to every detail in your business.
  3. Hire & Fire RUTHLESSLY: This applies to both employees and vendors.  Do not settle as you cannot afford to settle.
  4. Two Ears, One Mouth: This really should be 57 ears and one mouth.  Listen intently to what your clients and employees are saying and, maybe more importantly, not saying.
  5. Ignorance is never a valid defense: You can never underestimate the capacity of people to be ignorant or stupid, but I contend that it can never be a valid defense or excuse.
  6. Marketing is Service: You must educate your prospects like no one else to build loyalty and trust.
  7. Service is Marketing: The best marketing in the world is no match for the devastation caused by poor service.  Your Service is Marketing.
  8. You broke it, You Bought It: You will own up to service mistakes and exceed all expectations in service recovery.  See #7 above.
  9. You will profit from Quality Customer Service.  But, you won’t profit unless you implement.

Chesapeake Service & Marketing Solutions has the customer service training skills and direct response marketing strategies that can build or repair your lacking client or customer service experience, as well as create and teach direct response marketing strategies.

The Service Excellence Blueprint™, based on Vance’s 10 years in management at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, works with the core values of your company to develop a specific and unique customer service plan for your small business.

The Profit Implementation Blueprint™, affectionately known as the PIMP Blueprint, is a turnkey system of direct response marketing strategies, templates and examples that have been successful in Vance’s bricks and mortar businesses.


Vance Morris is the Founder and Owner of Chesapeake Service and Marketing Solutions

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