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Are you eager for it to arrive?

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Are you eager for it to arrive?

January 26, 2015 @ 3:24 pm
by Vance Morris (Disney Guy)

During my days as a professional musician, I couldn’t wait for my Guitar Magazine to arrive.

I knew about when to expect it, so I’d carefully watch my mailbox around that time. Then the minute it arrived, I’d find a quiet place and pour over every article.

Each month they’d show great new licks from some of the most creative minds in music. They featured stories and interviews and product reviews.

Plus editorials on hot topics.

Have you ever subscribed to a publication like that…

…one where you’d check your mailbox every day, eager for it to arrive…and the minute it did, you’d stop everything to read it from cover to cover?

After a time, you begin to experience a level of trust in the writers. You start to get familiar with the products they feature and even want to try– at least some– of them out.

Plus, should you meet someone who reads the same publication, you feel a bond with them. They become someone you can swap stories about ideas you’ve tried.

Just imagine for a moment, that you had a publication like this for your business…

Your customers would eagerly look for it in their mailbox, rip it open the minute it arrived and read it from cover to cover.

You could interview successful customers about their experiences using your products or services. Tell relevant and captivating stories that feature your product as the hero. Even include product reviews and promote a marketplace that sells your products and services.

Over time, readers would get to know you better. Their trust in you would grow. They’d feel like they belonged to a community when reading stories and interviews from others  experiencing the same challenges or aiming for the same goals as you.

And as they read about their new community of “friends” realizing their dreams or overcoming their problems using your products or services, their faith in you (and your products or services) would grow to the point to where they’d be eager to buy from you.

Now suppose you could create this same kind of eagerness, trust, credibility and persuasive power…without having to spend the enormous number of hours, not to mention the expense of putting together a magazine.

Would you like to discover how to create a tool like that for your business?

If yes, then register for the  Newsletter Blueprint webinar today!

Newsletter Blueprints gives you the proven formula for creating the most powerful media you can possibly use to grow your business.

Developed based on the analysis of more than 1113 newsletters, reading countless books on the subject and publishing over a dozen newsletters, this Vance Morris -designed resource gives you a potent tool that develops trust, builds credibility and enhances your brand.

Use his tips to create a super-effective newsletter from scratch (or improve upon an existing one) to ensure that it gets opened and read, has a long shelf life and tremendous pass-along value.

Can you see the value of having his unbeatable formula for writing a newsletter that achieves all your goals?

 Get on the Newsletter Blueprint webinar February 12, 2015!

I lay out the pros and cons of a print newsletter versus an e-newsletter and gives you my surprising recommendations as to the best strategy to adopt.

You’ll discover my winning content strategy and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll even give you the three types of newsletter content and his formula for coming up with the ideal mix of each.

Plus you’ll receive my advanced strategies that will not only keep your readers reading every month and create a long-term bond with them, but will make them read each issue more carefully.

You’ll even get real examples so you can see the strategies in action.

Use the Newsletter Blueprint to strategically develop a powerful tool that will firmly establish you as an expert in your industry while making your prospects, clients, customers or patients feel like they belong to a community.

“Remember, You Won’t Profit Unless You Implement !”


Vance Morris

Deliver Service Now

Marketing & Entrepreneurial Growth Alliance


P.S. Follow the formula in the Newsletter Blueprint for 12
Months. Watch the building effect it has and see where
your results go. If you don’t see a marked improvement
within that 12 Months, let us know and we’ll give you every
penny of your money back. No questions asked

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